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Loan Modifications

A loan modification is the permanent restructuring of a mortgage loan whereby one or more of the terms of a borrower’s loan are changed to provide a more affordable payment.

Foreclosure Litigation

We have successfully filed and prosecuted countless wrongful foreclosure lawsuits against every major banking institution in the United States.

Eviction Defense

Our staff is well trained at representing clients in the local justice of the peace courts regarding eviction matters.

To our prospective clients,

The declining economy has caused tremendous financial hardship for each of us. If you are dealing with the threat from your mortgage lender of having your home sold at a foreclosure sale, or even if your home has already been sold by your mortgage lender at a foreclosure sale, we can help you.

If your mortgage lender has treated you unfairly during your attempt to modify your mortgage loan, we can help you. The primary focus of Vilt and Associates, P.C. is to file lawsuits against wrongfully foreclosing on homes. In addition, we are experienced at dealing with eviction matters and have developed a proven strategy for helping you live in your home while we pursue a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit on your behalf.

If you are considering bankruptcy as a means to resolve your financial issues, we are knowledgeable regarding bankruptcy issues and, if we agree the filing for bankruptcy protection is appropriate for you, we can represent you, we can represent you in Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Vilt and Associates, P.C. is honored to help its clients. Please contact us today at 844.411.VILT (8458) to set up a free consultation to determine what we can do to help you!

Robert “Clay” Vilt – JD, CPA

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